Top 10 Red Creatures in Standard, Magic: The Gathering

Top 10 Red Creatures in Standard, Magic: The Gathering

Good red creatures.

10. Goblin Wardriver, 2/2 battle cry, I love this card

Goblin Wardriver

9. Goblin Chieftain, it gives other goblins +1/+1 good card

Goblin Chieftain

8. Hero of Oxid Ridge, 4/2 with battle cry, great card

Hero of Oxid Ridge

7. Warren Instigator, good card to get goblins out

Warren Instigator

6. Galvanoth, a must have for a red burn deck


5. Brimstone Mage, after a while it can be a lightning bolt every turn.

Brimstone Mage

4. Lord of SHatterskull Pass, it might take a while, but this card can wipe out MOST defenses with one attack

Lord of Shatterskull Pass

3. Fire Servant, this card is perfect for a red burn deck, doubles all the damage done by your spells

Fire Servant

2. Dragonmaster Outcast, get a 5/5 every turn if you have 6 mana, and it only costs 1 mana

Dragonmaster Outcast

1. Kargan Dragonlord, for 2 mana it is easy to put out, and with a one mana cost level up you can slowly get it up to level 8/8 and it has flying and trample at that level, for 10 mana an 8/8 with flying and trample is really good

Kargan Dragonlord

Liked it
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TheMoose, posted this comment on Apr 6th, 2011

Have the first 2 goblins in my goblin burn deck, and they are awesome. And the number 1. card is amazingly good.

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